This site facilitates AIDA data sharing by providing information on datasets shared on the AIDA data hub through search engine optimized DOI landing pages, and also in machine-readable form through an API.


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What are DOIs and dataset registers?

The AIDA data hub facilitates sharing datasets for machine learning in medical image diagnostics. AIDA uses Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to increase exposure and impact of the shared datasets. These DOIs help make the datasets more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

Example: 10.23698/aida/ctpa →

Thanks to the global DOI system, following a link to a DOI will always take you the official landing page with the latest updated official information on that dataset.

AIDA has its own DOI prefix provided by DataCite through the Swedish National Data Service (SND). The AIDA data hub and its datasets are discoverable through the global registry of research data repositories:

You can find us and other data sources relevant to your research if you browse by subject, for example:

Access and privacy

AIDA is a collaboration arena for academia, industry and healthcare and supports OpenScience and FAIR data. AIDA can facilitate large scale data exports for research from clinical production systems, and can host research data for sharing. AIDA uses data mainly from medical imaging, and therefore has an obligation to adequately safeguard the privacy of the individuals concerned. Therefore AIDA only shares data that is ethically approved for sharing, and when a contractual agreement is in place that includes non-disclosure of data, such AIDA partner contracts for innovation projects, clinical- or technical fellowships, on-site development projects, or network partnerships. AIDA also facilitates contacts with data controllers for datasets shared on AIDA for data sharing options outside of AIDA.

Please see the AIDA data sharing policy for more details.

Anonymous vs identifiable data

Currently, AIDA exclusively uses anonymized data. However to facilitate export and work with larger amounts of data, AIDA is planning to establish a platform that is secure enough to store, share and process also identifiable data.


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